Can you…shut…your drunk ass up for one second
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REBLOG this to your TUMBLR and see what you get INBOXED..

GOLD : Be my valentine this year? ♥
RED: I used to like you :|
ORANGE: You will be mine ♥
GREEN: I wanna mess around ^_^
BLUE: I love you ♥
PURPLE: I wanna chill(;
PINK: I like you ;P
BLACK: I want a kiss ;-*
YELLOW: You’re sweet ♥
WHITE: You’re funny :D
BROWN: You’re amazing ♥
SILVER: You’re Cute (:
TAN: I want your number(;

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I'm just being annoying, you know (:

So nothing out of the norm? xD


Bro! Let's hang out!

Yes! Let’s do it.
We could jam or something.

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Someone should rolelpay with me Dx


Alright bro.
Well I think I'm busy with Bianca tomorrow?
I'll let you know dude!

Alright man.
Sounds good.


Why not dude?
I agree! It's been forever!

I just feel kind of sick and gross.
But it’s cool, don’t worry about it.
Just time and place and I am there!

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Nothing bro! You?

Not a lot. I’m not feel all that well right now.
But I’ll get over it. We need to play some music together soon.


Sav! My main man!

Drew! What’s up man?


I have AIM now xD